Trying to save the planet

I plan to leave the planet to my children but as a parent I find it very difficult to be both environmentally friendly and be an effective parent. With the limited time modern life affords I find that the polluting shortcut is easier than the time-consuming green option.

I’m embarrassed that I have not made the effort to be more tree-friendly, at work I am a shining bastion of the paper-free office, but when I am faced with an onslaught of bodily fluids I opt for the quickest way to clean rather than opting to save the polar bears.

The biggest argument for being a green parent always seems to revolve around diapers.

One of the contentious parenting topics is how you deal with your infants homemade cheese (that is the faecal stage we are currently at). The “good” way is the old way, to re-use them. I would really like to jump on board with this but there is one thing stopping me. I really don’t like poo.

Let me correct this, I find poo and poo humour hilarious. You just have to ask Feliciraptor.

The problem I do have is having poo lying around in the house. Or putting poo in the washing machine. If it is spinning around in there, no matter how small, then I am going out in clothes with poo on. If I believed in homoeopathy then I would be telling people I was wearing poo.

From the comments I see on the internet every time I put a disposable nappy on one of my children I kill a dolphin. With there only being around 3.1m common dolphins and the rate A-Rex is pooping away we will be able to eat tuna guilt free in only 2 years.

Not that I feel too bad about disposable nappies, you are not a saint if you use reusable either. Once you add in the electricty, water and detergent required to clean them you are splitting the difference between adding CO2 to the atmosphere or piling on the landfill. Why don’t we use disposable nappies in land reclamation projects, both a great place to put them and it can soak up any coastal flooding.

We are not feeding our children ‘naturally’ either, so we are using factory-produced feed instead. We wash there clothes on high temperatures and dry them in a machine. We go through packs and packs of baby wipes.

This attitude to parent does make me feel ashamed, why can’t I be a little put out and try to make a little difference? Instead I live a life which means my children my only know Antarctica from a history book.

What can I do to change? Plenty. Dig a potty in the garden, grow my own veg (one thing I will be doing this year), whittle chew toys for teething. The reality is that I am a lazy parent, and you cannot be a lazy parent and a green parent.

Mostly though it is the poo. I just want that poo out of my house as quickly as possible.

Coping with a blank canvas

What is most impressive about the Sistine Chapel is how Michelangelo was able to stop eating pizza and focus on a blank ceiling and see a full piece of art.

For me one of the most terrifying prospects is being given an open ended task and canvas and being asked to come up with something. Just last night I was asked by Mrs C for a recommendation for a computer game.


  • How many players
  • Online or offline
  • Real world or fantasy
  • Sports?

Such a broad question needs parameters, and needs to be narrowed down. “Oh something like Ticket to Ride, a board game” I was told. Well this is more like it, something I can work with.

It’s also easier to search for “Games like Ticket to Ride” rather than “A game someone might like”.

I felt a similar panic with both our children. When they were infant-blobs how should we dress them, what toys will they play with and what would they watch on TV? Here are these collection of bones and skin and it’s up to me to impress on them some personality.

Now they are older I have come to realise that it was folly to believe that there could be some long term plan of how they would turn out. For a period of time we thought that Boy would be the quiet one yet he is now running around shouting louder than his sister ever could.

We’ve also gone through periods of liking Paw Patrol, Sarah and Duck, Shaun the Sheep and a multitude of other characters. The more discarded merchandise the more I have come to realise that sometimes it is not about knowing the end result but more about trying and seeing what works.

Now they are older it is easier to work with them, this years Christmas presents were more of a hit than last years. All because we have a clearer idea of how they are turning out.

That is the best way to deal with a blank canvas, not to be paralysed with the idea you may get it wrong but to just get something down and work from there.

From Geek Ergo Sum to Chilled Parent

We all change. It takes around seven years for the body to replace all the cells in the body so there is a good argument that the person I was in 2011 when I started this blog no longer exists.

This blog is Theseus’s ship.

So now it feels about the right time to acknowledge that I’m a different person. Although finding a video about the idea of identity means I’m not completely replaced.

Where my previous online identity ‘Geek Ergo Sum’ reflected where I was in life I’m not sure that is really what I am anymore. Of course I’m still a geek, but that’s not all I am.

Back then I was single, I was living in a big city and was free to do whatever I wanted. Since then I’ve got married, had two children, moved house to suburbia and started working for myself. My planks are new, and it’s been strange to look back at some of my old posts and tweets and not recognise the person who wrote them.

I geek therefore I am seems no longer applicable, and has already been taken. I work in marketing so I know I need to find a series of usernames that match, and that gets harder and harder.

Luckily I was able to settle on something that tallies with my place in life, it matches my attitude to bringing up children as well the fear that I am doing enough.


So this is me now, for the foreseeable future, a chilled parent. I’m still a geek at heart, but my body and mind are now consumed by trying to raise children.

I don’t object to this, it is by far the most rewarding activity I have in life, but a lot of my thoughts are filtered through a parenting lens. I have little idea of what is happening on TV if it is not on Netflix Kids or Cbeebies. I can tell you about the PJ Mask’s moonbase but have no idea what’s the Handsmaid’s Tale is about.

So instead of Geek Ergo Sum I’m now Chilled Parent.

  • Relaxed about being a parent.
  • Terrified that I’m doing it wrong.
  • Waiting for bedtime so I can drink something with ice.

2019 Goals (not resolutions)

This is going to be the year of more.

If 2018 was just a year that drifted by then I can’t afford to let more slip past, especially my last full year of my thirties. If the past few decades were to get ready for the best years of my life then I need to make sure that I don’t waste this opportunity.

So I plan to fill it with more.

In fact I’ve just seen a post that has told me to stop using ‘tomorrow’ and from today I’m going to make more of life (although being in comic sans we do have to ask questions).

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As this is a new start I’m scrapping the backlog of goals I had that go back to 2013 and starting afresh. Instead of focusing on what I have done less of let’s think about what I need to do more of.

  • MORE writing – this one is a bit of a no brainer considering that I am writing these goals. Maybe typing a few more words a day will help me with my typing skills (which have declined in the last year) and also give me a creative outlet to relieve stress?
  • MORE reading – sure I read a lot of Reddit, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post and a string of RSS feeds but is that really reading? I need to pick up a paperback and work on it, and not just on holiday. I’m glad GRR Martin is running behind because it means I’m not dropping back on ASOIAF.
  • MORE vegetables and exercise – 2018 had started well but has ended poorly. I’m too scared to step on the scales and update my weight but I have a feeling I am closer to my all time maximum rather than my minimum. 2019 is about eating better and actually using my gym membership, and having MORE self control about eating salty fatty food.
  • MORE hobbies – at the moment I have none. You could class a bit of evening gaming and catching up on my Netflix queue as an ‘interest’ but it’s not really that productive. Instead I want to learn a new skill, and one that is useful and has a result I can be proud of.

2019 – A new start

I don’t know where they went. One minute there was a ton of posts and then piff paff puff they were gone. Did I do something as I’m prone to doing or did I just press the wrong button?

If I tell Mrs G that I’m back to Post Zero she is going to look at me with that face of hers that says “again” but this time it was not on purpose. It took months to update every piece that I had wrote last time a I hadn’t the time or inclination to do it again. I’ve barely had either to write anything new in over a year.

So now I’m back at square one, again.

No posts

No well curated categories

No pictures

No idea where to begin

Unlike other times when the delete detonation was pre planned so I could save everything I’m relying on finding old snippets where I can. I go through periods where I save everything but can never be sure. Not that it is a great loss, a lot has been posted and reposted so many times I can’t even remember when I first did it.

It’s strange to think that I may have lost 7 years of prose, and even stranger to think that’s how long I’ve had this blog. This causes me problems restarting because I still don’t know what I want his to be.

I’m a very different person to the guy who began this in 2011, I didn’t even know Mrs G when I first registered this domain and now I have a wife and two kids. The problem is that I’m not defined by being a geek, a husband or a parent so what do I write about?

My interests have changed from pop culture as my life became busier, I do more cooking now and have fewer political outbursts. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched sport and my reading list now consists of which book I want to tackle this year.

In the midst of all has been a complete stop on doing anything creative. The last time I can remember posting was on New Years Day. Since then nothing. I’ve given up amateur dramatics, and haven’t even considered a new hobby. The only thing that comes close to making something interesting is dinner.

It feels like 2018 has been squandered.

So 2019 is going to be a restart, I’m going to try and lead a more fulfilling and be a better person than just floating in a pool of meh.

In the 2019 I’m going to do more.

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